Hoof Dressing


Hoof Dressing No hoof, no horse! Hoof Dressing is a product guaranteed completely natural, whose multiple actions have been well studied and observed on thousands of horses and ponies for thirty years in Europe. Hoof Dressing is a high-quality natural ointment, composed only of vegetable fats and essential oils. Very rich, it feeds and softens the whole hoof thoroughly without clogging, and therefore allows it to breathe naturally! Like leather, man’s hair or nails, the hoof is a noble natural material which requires particular care in order to last long and to keep all its qualities. Remember: the hoof is the [...]

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Farrier’s Advices


Farrier's Advices For the good working and good aging of the horny foot. To maximize the good working and good ageing of the horny foot, some basic principles must be respected to optimize each structure’s functions. This is even more true with horses with weaker feet, in less favorable conditions, and in relation to the kind of work they do and the kind of grounds they work in. First of all, one of the most important things in my opinion is to be able to make the distinction between the length of the hoof wall (distance between the coronary band and [...]

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Hoof Solution


Hoof Solution a natural remedy with quick and efficient actions. Hoof Solution is a natural unguent recommended to treat infections of the hoof sole and the frog. Besides, it is also a very efficient remedy to treat the white line disease, infected hoof sole – cavernous hoof, disbanded outside surface of the hoof, thrush, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi. Hoof Solution has been marketed in Europe for more than ten years. Tens of thousands of horses suffering hoof thrush are healed every year thanks to Hoof Solution. It has indeed become established as the most efficient, fastest and easiest product [...]

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The Canker


The Canker : Chronic Hypertrophic Pododermatitis The origins of canker are multiple and have not been completely brought to light yet. With only few cases, this pathology is often poorly known or even unknown by horse owners as well as farriers and / or veterinarians. Its complete medical name is Chronic Hypertrophic Pododermatitis (CHPD). “Pododermatitis” means skin infection; “chronic” as it is periodic and “hypertrophic” because a tissue or organ is abnormally over developed. It is not tumour-induced. It is therefore not a hoof “cancer”, as there is no (even benign) tumour. Unlike thrush, which regularly affects five million horses in [...]

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PROBIOSEL E 25000 is your best solution!


Are you experiencing reproductive problems, low immune systems, mastitis, loss of livestock or decreased performance at the farm? It could be selenium and vitamin E deficiency! PROBIOSEL E 25000 is your best solution.   Why is PROBIOSEL E 25000 important in animal nutrition? Selenium and vitamin E are essential to both farm animals and performance animals such as horses. They play a vital role in each stage of the life cycle from conception and growth through production and reproduction. Selenium is an integral component of the enzyme glutathione peroxidase, which in combination with vitamin E protects the cell membrane from oxidative [...]

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Hoof affections – Frog thrush.


“No hoof – No horse”. Quotation of Philippe Etienne Lafosse (Hippiatrics Course, Comprehensive Treaty of horse medicine, 1772 – France).

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Summer Dermatitis


The sunny days have arrived, along with all kinds of biting insects coming to give a hard time to our mounts.

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