Hoof Solution a natural remedy with quick and efficient actions.

Hoof Solution is a natural unguent recommended to treat infections of the hoof sole and the frog.
Besides, it is also a very efficient remedy to treat the white line disease, infected hoof sole – cavernous hoof, disbanded outside surface of the hoof, thrush, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and fungi.

Hoof Solution has been marketed in Europe for more than ten years.

Tens of thousands of horses suffering hoof thrush are healed every year thanks to Hoof Solution.
It has indeed become established as the most efficient, fastest and easiest product to use for the treatment of external foot infections. Hoof Solution is formulated using natural products.

It is supplied with a brush to make it easier to use and to avoid waste and mess during application.
Unlike any liquid product, Hoof Solution is also a natural dressing which acts alone for several hours.
Consequently, in the greatest majority of the cases extra bandage or swabs are not necessary.
During treatment, Hoof Solution protects the wound against new infections or irritations, by insulating it against its environment.
Healing is much faster thanks to its protective action on the healthy newly generated tissues. It is of a very simple and quick use for an optimum healing.


Carefully clean the hoof and take the debris and necrotic material off before application.
Apply Hoof Solution in the clefts of the frog, former nail holes, cracks and crevices of the hoof, as well as on any concerning area of the hoof.

Ask your farrier or vet for more advice.
It is recommended by farriers and veterinarians.

Market leader for over 15 years.

Use recommandation :

Smelling frog: 1 application.
Thrush: 1 application per day for 3 to 5 days. (Depending on the severity of the case)
Preventive maintenance: 1 weekly application.
Apply Hoof Solution as often as necessary.

Stir well before each use.
Protect from frost. Store at a temperature between 15°C and 25°C.
Cap with brush for application.
Net weight : 6,35 OZ-180 gr


Hoof Solution eliminates efficiently any infectious pathology on the feet of both the equine and bovine animals (Mortellaro disease).

Bovins jambes-eau

Used on horses with canker : Hoof Solution eliminates the infectious problem, although without totally eradicating this rare and sometimes tragic disease.


Wash your hands with soap water after use, or wear gloves.
For external use only. Keep in a safe place out of reach of children.