Hoof Dressing

No hoof, no horse!

Hoof Dressing is a product guaranteed completely natural, whose multiple actions have been well studied and observed on thousands of horses and ponies for thirty years in Europe.

Hoof Dressing is a high-quality natural ointment, composed only of vegetable fats and essential oils.


Very rich, it feeds and softens the whole hoof thoroughly without clogging, and therefore allows it to breathe naturally!
Like leather, man’s hair or nails, the hoof is a noble natural material which requires particular care in order to last long and to keep all its qualities. Remember: the hoof is the corneal wrap which protects the sensitive tissues of the foot as well as the third phalange.

It is a tremendous mechanism which ensures three fundamental functions: shock absorption, support and propulsion.

We have demonstrated that flexibility and elasticity of the hoof capsule can be optimized or improved by using high-quality ointments.

However, our studies confirmed by the University of Queensland (Australia), indicate that humidity rates can only vary on the sole, frog and exceeding wall, compared to the horn of the hoof capsule protecting the sensitive foot, which constantly keeps a humidity rate of about 30%.
When applied on the sole and the frog, Hoof Dressing favorably affects the health status of the horn, as it also acts as humidity regulator!

A few usage recommendations :


If your horse doesn’t suffer any particular foot problem, grease the hooves at least twice a week. Under very dry weather conditions, three to four applications shall be necessary.
If the hooves are too dry, shower them to moisten them, and then dry them up before applying Hoof Dressing.

On competition horses which are showered several times per day, the natural oily protection of the foot disappears. An excessive softening of the foot if therefore noticed.
Under the weight of the horse, the foot widens and the hoof breaks around the nails.
Under these conditions, it is highly recommended to apply Hoof Dressing on a regular and preventive basis before showering the foot.

Hoof Dressing doesn’t contain any petrochemical and toxic product.
You can therefore safely (for both you and your horse) massage the foot with the ointment Hoof Dressing in order to make it penetrate into the crown, the frog, the sole and the wall.

A small tip :

In order not to have dirty hands, start greasing the lower part of the foot. Using a brush, spread generously the ointment Hoof Dressing on the bars of the hoof, the frog and the sole; insist on the central and collateral grooves.
Put the foot on the floor. Next grease the external part of the hoof, the wall. Spread up to the crown (coronary band) in order to help the horn grow.
The new growing horn will be softer, more elastic and more resistant.

A daily use of Hoof Dressing accelerates consequently the growing of the hoof (1.5 to 2 times faster as with normal grease).
If a faster growth if the hoof is not wished, avoid greasing the crown. Hoof Dressing is also a high-end dermo-cosmetic product.
Enjoy it!  Apply it on the hooves before the equine competitions… Clean, shiny and healthy feet are so good-looking!

How to use it :

Healthy hooves care: 2 applications per week.
Before a competition: 1 application.
Under dry weather conditions: 4 to 5 applications per week.
When hooves are too dry: Wash the foot, then dry it and apply the ointment. Repeat this daily operation for eight days.
On competition horses washed several times per day: Apply the ointment before washing the foot.
Ask your farrier for advice too.

*Doesn’t contain lanoline: there is no risk of allergy or intolerance!
*Avoid using Hoof Dressing together with all these hazardous products for you, your horse and environment.
*Hoof Dressing is certified 100% natural and safe. It is traditionally handcrafted.